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In this episode 2, Wolfoo is lost in the Wizard kingdom, everything here is so amazing and makes him surprised. Wolfoo has to learn adapting to new life in the strange world.
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✦ New new new!!! A new masterpiece from the Wolfoo named "Wolfoo the Adventurer" is specially made for fans of Wolfoo. Please subscribe to this channel and look forward to the latest episode of Wolfoo series published on Sundays.
✦ In this 1st series, Wolfoo will discover the colorful maical world thanks to a new friend which has the same appearance - A knight. In the new world, with the help of new friends, Wolfoo begins his journey to find the lost jade to return his home. Besides, there are also extremely difficult challenges but will help Wolfoo - a shy wolf - become stronger and braver. During the journey, Wolfoo will also discover countless secrets and surprises that he himself never expected.

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