VOLCANO ESCAPE!! Driving Niko for a rescue mission because the Floor is Lava at pirate island! ????

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These new Racers are perfect for giving tours at Pirate Island!! And, Parents, the Power Wheels Hot Wheels Racer is available on now and in stores on 8/31!
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HEY EVERYBODY!! And AHOY!! We be the Pirate Family living on Pirate Island!! We love living here but since it's also our home we have to do the chores too! Niko and I are in charge of the food, Mom takes over the dusting, and Dad keeps a look out for us!! While we were tidying up the ship, dad was looking out and spotted a message in a bottle on the beach!! We ran as fast as we could to retrieve it!! When we popped it open it said that the Fisher-Price Pirates sent us a gift and they hid them by the volcano!! Niko and I took off in a blast and we found a great surprise!! It was Power Wheels Hot Wheels Racers!! I jumped in mine so fast and took off!! I was ready to have so much fun!! This racer was perfect for riding around Pirate Island and i loved every second of driving!! Niko was more excited about the Hot Wheels track on it and was playing with the cars!! It has its own blasters which is crazy!! I drove up next to Niko and told him to get in because I wanted to give him a tour around the island!! We saw Dinosaurs, we saw Fairy Forest, and we even saw the Volcano start to irrupt! Luckily we were able to drive away safely! I loved spending time with my family and it was fun driving with my brother!!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
V Rally 4
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