V8 Widebody E30 - Iconic BMW 3-Series with a Supercharged 1UZ in a handbuilt track and drag car

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When a discerning customer approached Wayne Exner at Ace Customs to help complete a project car, the team knew they had a challenge on their hands, but they didn't know how bad it would be.

With the body splitting in place and rust creeping in, the decision was made to strip the entire car, repair the bodywork and chassis and send it in for paint.

The wiring was also a mess and so the team threw all that away and started again. The car came to them with the supercharged 1UZ Lexus V8, but they opted for Spitronics management to help get it running properly.

The striking widebody kit was imported and fitted by Ace Customs and we must say it looks spectacular and very unique.

The wheels were imported from Japan and uprated brakes were fitted. The entire dashboard was pulled and a fully custom, aluminium dash and centre console was created. NOS was fitted for some extra oomph and a full roll cage for rigidity and safety.

The result is this complete one-off, a track and drag car for an owner who loves his track days. And we say kudos to him and the team for pulling it off, and giving South Africa another build we can be proud of.

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