Trump Offers New Details On 'Wild' Rally To Protest Election Results And

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As the clock ticks down on Republicans' last-ditch effort to overturn the presidential election results during a congressional meeting on January 6, President Donald Trump offered up new details about a same-day rally for supporters that has D. C. authorities prepping with measures similar to those ahead of pro-Trump protests in December that led to four stabbings and 33 arrests."While we do not discuss the means, methods, or specific resources used to carry out our protective responsibilities, the United States Capitol Police has comprehensive security plans in place and we continuously monitor and assess new and emerging threats, with the overall goal of keeping those within the Capitol Complex safe and secure," the US Capitol Police told USA Today on Thursday. The last time D. C.'s police department closed streets in connection with a Trump rally was in early December, when thousands of Trump supporters gathered to protest election results they viewed as fraudulent. Ultimately, D. C. police arrested 33 people for charges spanning simple assault, inciting violence, possession of prohibited weapons and resisting arrest. According to local outlet WTOP, four people were stabbed and four downtown churches were vandalized during the protests. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) has said he'll lead an effort to object during the congressional meeting on Wednesday to officially validate the election results. "I cannot vote to certify without pointing out the unprecedented effort of mega corporations, including Facebook and Twitter, to interfere in this election," Hawley said Friday. LPL Financial Chief Investment Officer Burt White warned in a recent note to clients that any uncertainty resulting from the January 6 meeting "would almost certainly create a legally contested that threatens lasting damage to the economy or corporate America," but even high-ranking Senate Republican John Thune (R-S. D.) said such an attempt to contest the election "would go down like a shot dog" in the Senate.‘Entitled Frat Boy’ Pushing ‘A Scam’: More Republicans, Supporters Press Trump To Accept Election Results (Forbes)‘President Trump Has Called’: Supporters Plan D. C. Rally To Overturn His Loss On Day Congress Certifies Election (Forbes)Here Are The GOP Senators Who Have Hinted At Defying McConnell By Challenging Election (Forbes)

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