Transmedia and Adaptation - - International Online Theatre Festival 2021

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Julia Kosmynka, costume designer, "Polskie rymowanki albo ceremonie "(Polish rhymes or ceremonies) adapted from a play by Andrzej Błażewicz and directed by Marta Streker.

Amelia Rico, director, "The Book of Magdalene" by Caridad Svich.

Oskar Sadowski, director, "Balladyna," based on a play by Juliusz Słowacki.

Lily Haje, co-curator, "Love Songs," based on the poem "Songs to Joannes" by Mina Loy.

Moderated by Kasia Lech, Executive Director and Director of Research and Global Initiatives at

This IOTF panel discussed at how international theatre artists adapted texts for digital performance during the Covid19 pandemic. We focused on heightened and poetic language, including verse, Hip Hop, and hybrid forms. The panelist discuss how to “translate” heightened language into digital, possibilities, and limitations that it creates.

This year's IOTF: The International Online Theatre Festival, Future Directions: R3, showcased 33 global productions made and/or captured during lockdown as artists, theatres and audience adapted to the challenges of making work during the pandemic. As the move to digital spaces has shaped all our lives the possibilities of using this new online ‘space’ to engage audiences as ideas of the ‘live’ are refashioned. All the work in this year’s festival – from Chile’s "Reminiscencia" and the US/Russian "chekhovOS /an experimental game/", to the UK’s" A Feast in the Time of Plague" and Ukraine’s "Viňo" – forges a path to the redefinition, reimagining and Renaissance of 21st century theatre.

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