Trampoline Slide RESCUE MiSSiON!! Driving to our Family Cabin in the mountains for a last goodbye!

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???? Road Trip to visit a very special place


Best Farm Day Ever 1214

We are getting ready for another family road trip. this is a short but super important on to me. Before all that though, we are having tons of family fun in the basement. We set up the kiddos inflatable bounce house castle and Adley and Niko Bear are having so much fun. We even bring Navey in for her very first time and she had lots of fun. It's almost like a trampoline!!

After all that fun and pretend play, we pile into the monster truck and hit the road. We stop at a gas station to get treats, candy, and drinks and while we're there, Adley discovers a new game called would you rather. would you rather be a dinosaur or a shark? Would you rather be an ice cream worker or work at build a bear (making bears for our kiddos first birthdays lol). Jenny and I actually think answering this questions are tons of fun, so we decide to do a family question and answer where we try and answer all the questions you guys ask us.

you see, we read all the comment and dm's you send. So we talk about our new merch, what to do if you want a birthday message from us, we even talk about where the guinea pig pigs went. All while we are on our road trip.

Oh yeah, i haven't told you where we are going. We are on our way to my grandpa's farm, Lazy Two Ranch!! I love this place, my mom used to bring me up here all the time. I helped with the chores, i took care of horses, i really wanted to be a cowboy and country singer! We get to the farm for one last visit and I'm really happy we were able to come up because its nice to see everything again and to let Adley and Niko Bear run around having fun in all the same places that I did. We also look for some wild animals and find a deer!!

We look at the cabin my grandpa made, the ponds we used to swim in, we even went bug hunting under the canoe! But real talk, it is kinda sad that the farm got sold and this is the last time we can visit this place. I miss my grandpa, he passed away about a year ago, and now selling the farm is sad. I grew up on this farm, it one of my favorite places. But I'm glad we made this vlog so we could always have the memory and to share this amazing place with the kiddos!!

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