The New YBA Update Is OUT!!! [YBA Update v0.88]

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This video showcases some of the new YBA updates that was published on 08/20/21!!!

Credits to the dev team for the entire update, especially Sheikal for making the new skins & WarClam + Snaliel for creating the VFX on the new Deadly King Rework!

For anyone who has any confusion at the beginning of the video, feel free to watch this video to clear it up:

Music Credits (I do not own any of the background music):
- Adam's Entrance OST (COVER) - Record of Ragnarok (Composed by : Yasuharu Takanashi) (Cover by : Wan Kibot)
- Rerise from my Worthless Life - Tokyo Revengers (Artist - Hiroaki Tsutsumi)
- Jack vs Harcules Epic Theme (Cover) - Record Of Ragnarok (Composed by : Yasuharu Takanashi) (Cover by : Wan Kibot)
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