The HIDDEN 5th Batman Arkham Game

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The Batman Arkham series is monolithic in its scope and popularity with all 4 of the games selling millions of copies and receiving incredible reviews. But what about the hidden 5th Arkham Game?




All music created exclusively by 444aidan:

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- Chapters -

Intro: 0:00
Presentation: 1:22
Story: 3:15
Combat: 4:42
Stealth: 9:09
Detective Mode & The Analyzer: 11:41
Map Design: 14:30
Gadgets: 16:36
Boss Fights: 17:52
Conclusion: 21:46
Post Script: 23:13

I have already reviewed other games batman arkham knight where I discuss not only batman but also that darn tank. In that review for batman: arkham knight (video game) which is part of a larger arkham retrospective which sees me covering every batman arkham game from batman arkham asylum to batman arkham city to batman arkham origins to arkham knight. In my batman: arkham city (video game) review I used the batman return to arkham pack for the PlayStation 4 which includes the first two batman: arkham (video game series) games, arkham asylum and arkham city though it does not contain batman: arkham origins in this collection of batman arkham games. In those videos I talk about the batman arkham knight gameplay while also describing the story in a style of a batman arkham knight walkthrough, I even cover some of the batman arkham knight riddles. I have completed the trophies in all of the games, even the batman arkham asylum trophies

Created by: That Boy Aqua
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