Surprising My Best Friend with Dream Birthday in Our New House - Rebecca Zamolo

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Our best friend’s dream came true for his birthday for 24 hours. Rebecca Zamolo recently tried surprising my twin best friend with a bad haircut for 24 hours. That was right before Matt and Rebecca uploaded will my best friend lie to my wife for me? Finally the game master network played truth or drink challenge. Now Rebecca is surprising Matt’s best friend with his dream birthday in our house. Everyone looks just like toy story in real life. It took over 24 hours to complete this challenge. Rebecca created pirates of the Caribbean in her house. Matt recreated a Star Wars battle Royale in the movie theater. Daniel wants a new challenge to surprise his best friend with. They try sneaking into the movie theater. Do you think surprising Matt’s best friend with a dream birthday will work? He is the only one who can solve the clue to the hidden mystery. Maybe Rebecca Zamolo and her friends could make a giant mistake and ruin the worst surprise. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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