Super Mario Sunshine: Blue Coin Roundup Part 2 (Rico Harbor & Gelato Beach)

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(NOTE: This is NOT a Blue Coin Guide, I'm simply gathering the ones i missed during the main playthrough so not all coins in the game will be shown.)

I really don't like collectibles in video games, I'm not the kind of person who enjoys running across the map in order to find hidden crap.

If the game has a way to keep track of the collectible you gather or a way to show where they are then maybe its not so bad, but usually i don't bother with it.

Sadly not only is it difficult to track what coins you collected in Sunshine (meaning its often easier to refraining from picking any of the coins until you clear all the missions and get all the upgrades) but the guides i been looking into are either filled with tedious adds or just plain

Oh well, 3 worlds and the main hub down, only 4 more worlds and the final area left.
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