【Shadowverse】 Last Words Shadowcraft - Grand Master Rank | Renascent Chronicles (Rotation)

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Being honest with you guys, I didn't even want to play with this deck at first, there's no much changes, I literally just added Luna! xd But all the other decks I've tried to play so far didn't work very well, so I decided to give LW Shadow a try again, haven't played with this one since my last LW video. But anyways hope you guys enjoy it! The deck is still super broken. lol

00:00 Decklist
00:10 Vs. Spellboost Rune
04:13 Vs. Resonance Portal
07:51 Vs. Face Dragon
12:17 Vs. Heal Shadow
18:08 Vs. Rally Sword
21:32 Vs. Wrath Blood
25:01 Vs. Sanc. Haven
29:05 Vs. Burn Rune

------------------- Decklist -------------------

--------------------- Outro ---------------------
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V Rally 4
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