Project Cars Go Android Gameplay - World Tour Ep2

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Project CARS GO is a racing game for Android where you hop behind the wheel of well-known cars from the most popular manufacturers in the world. Take turns with ease and gun the engine when you can, feeling the adrenaline pump through your body as you step on the accelerator and race to the finish line.

In Project CARS GO, you can customize your vehicles in the workshop. Of course, to unlock new toys to play with, first you'll need to race and earn rewards.

From the very first race, you'll be amazed by the jaw-dropping graphics in Project CARS GO. The sounds are immersive, too, so between that and the graphics, you might even feel like you're actually there. Beyond that, racing to beat other cars to the finish line serves up plenty of excitement to keep you hooked.

It's important to mention that in this game, you don't have to steer the car. Instead, your car will steer itself automatically, and all you have to worry about is accelerating and braking as needed. You can also get little boosts of speed by passing under the illuminated arches found along the racetrack.

Project CARS GO is a spectacular racing game for Android with graphics that are sure to amaze. Although you might miss having more control while driving, the simple gameplay and variety of game modes make up for this fact as you have a blast driving full speed ahead in these exhilarating races.
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