Project Cars 3 is more like bumper cars on ice

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*CRASH* "That was a sweet move! Great stuff!"

Months after release this game still has everything wrong with it. Forget about abandoning the sim crowd, how do you expect this game to sell if it has obvious bugs like Z-fighting on the cockpit textures? Enjoy your jagged edges because there's no anti aliasing and super sampling requires a Cray supercomputer.

If this game was meant for a more casual audience than PCars 2 then there's no audience for this game because the Forza Motorsport/Forza Horizon/GT Sport audience isn't going to drop their games to play a buggy game with less content and a dead online.

I don't hate this game, I agree with SimRacer604 in that this game isn't a complete write off and there can be some fun with it, but I have zero hope that this game will receive the FF14 A Realm Reborn overhaul it needs to be even as fun as Project Cars 2. 'Constantly Abandoned Racing "Simulator"' is the true acronym for Project
Project Cars
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