NEW VIVRE CARD INFO! Enma, Raid Suit Sanji, and Yasuie | One Piece

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New One Piece Vivre Cards have dropped, there’s a lot of new One Piece info to discuss, so we’re breaking down all the One Piece news in this vid!

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Why The Straw Hats Will Learn Haki in Wano:
Who Will be The Final Straw Hat?
The Monstrous Power of Luffy’s Final Form:


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The new Vivre card volume is out, and this time we have the Wano Vivre cards part one. This is a New starter set volume 1 for the Vivre card databook wano edition. It includes the Straw Hats and also characters like Shimotsuki Yasuie, Tama, Toko, O-Kiku, and a lot more new One Piece info. We got a lot of explanation from Enma’s powers in this Vivre card, and it confirms it uses Zoro’s haki. We also get confirmation that Enma is a cursed blade. There is also some fake info about Sanji’s Raid Suit powers that can not yet be confirmed, but it still is an interesting One Piece power scaling discussion on Sanji vs Page One and the Tobi Roppo. We get info on Onigashima being called Dragon island, which should start even more One Piece theories. We also get Tama’s devil fruit name, the Kibi Kibi no mi, as well as the relationship of Yasuie and Toko. There should be more Vivre card info coming on soon, so be on the look out!


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