NEW Ribble Ultra Aero Road Bike | The Future of Aero Bike Design?

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Is this the future of aero road bike design? Ribble has announced today the Ultra, which aims to be “the most aerodynamically advanced frameset in the world”.

It’s a new aero road bike with an aggressively aero-optimised frameset and a novel integrated handlebar design like nothing we’ve seen before!

Ribble says the “wake generating” bulges on the tops of the bar, manipulate the airflow over the rider to reduce aerodynamic drag compared to a standard aero handlebar, and Ribble claims the gains are significant.

BikeRadar's Technical Writer, Simon Bromley met up with Andy Smallwood, CEO of Ribble Cycles to learn more about the design process of the Ultra.

But what do you think of this radical new bike? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Simon's full news story can be found in the link below:

00:00 Intro
01:14 5 Things you must know
03:46 Why make an aero bike?
04:21 Design philosophy
04:46 How is it different to other aero road bikes?
05:15 The handlebar!
07:42 Optimal speed
08:38 Downtube
09:59 Fork and disc brake
10:58 Triathlon and time trial model
12:08 Builds, pricing, weight & availability
15:12 Is this the future?

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