NEW! Operation Crystal Guard GAMEPLAY + All Changes & Abilities in Action - Rainbow Six Siege

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I GOT TO PLAY CRYSTAL GUARD EARLY! This is the new season that will be coming to Rainbow Six Siege called Crystal Guard. The new operator is an attacker with a SEE THROUGH SHIELD like a riot shield but it's pretty cool. There are a lot of different ways to play her with her new gadget as well as cool combinations with other ops that you can make.

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this new rainbow 6 season crystal guard is a lot of fun while playing the new operator osa and her new gadget called clear shield. there are also new fuze buff, new iq buff, new twitch changes and even new map reworks on coastline, bank and clubhouse. in this video you see gameplay of all the new changes coming to rainbow six siege and it's new season of new gadgets and all the new ways to play siege. i show how to osa as well as OP runouts and game play of rainbow six siege crystal guard
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