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Mule Kick is OFFICIALLY returning to Cold War Zombies & here is the 5 Upgrade Skill Tiers!
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Treyarch have finally revealed the 5 skill tier upgrades tied with Mule Kick coming to Cold War Zombies with Season 4 Reloaded! Lets dive in and see what has changed with this perk!

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0:00 - Intro
0:22 - What is Mule Kick? (If You Don't Know)
0:37 - 5 Reasons Why Mule Kick Is Useful in Cold War
1:33 - Skill Tier 1
2:11 - Skill Tier 2
3:11 - Skill Tier 3
4:00 - A Message From Keeps
5:17 - Skill Tier 4
6:02 - Skill Tier 5
7:22 - Outro
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