Marble Rally with SNOW and ICE! - Season 5, Race 7

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Hello everyone and welcome to Race 7 of the uhm SNOW Marble Rally 2020 on Jelle's Marble Runs!
In this traditional format, 20 individual marbles race down a course in the sanow and battle for the win. Who are you rooting for? Choose a marble and ENJOY! #MarbleRace #MarbleRally #JellesMarbleRuns

This video was made possible by Snowworld Amsterdam indoor skiing centre which is closed due to Covid19 Pandemic so we had an opportunity to record some snow marble races there. We are still talking with them for a proposed winter Marble League.

About the camerawork, one of the cams was not available because the footage was corrupted, but we used the other 2 cams as much as possible.
There are some errors in the medal numbers of the standings tables, we noticed them and will correct these at the next race.

With special thanks to:
- Stefano Keizers (Dutch Cabaretier)
- Tom van Kalmthout and Yannick van der Velde (from Rundfunk)
- Ellis Kat (Dutch artist)
- And of course Snowworld Amsterdam

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Premium Spectators:
Terry Hankamer, FrostFlareon, Chris Rice, Alejandro Tejada (Alayjo), Michael Laurence, Bryan Bartlett, Lord_Gatte, Alex Mathew, Cerie Tisch, Dave Santare, Dennis, Meyvol, Glen Brixey, Cora Schallock, John Edward "JET" Torres, René Voß, Tommy Nguyen, Derek Van Booven, Jonathan Hadden, Denis Johnston

VIP Spectators:
Elisabeth Kaseda, Sander De Quick, Daccota Clemenza, Z Kiryu, Eric Schmitz, Rachael Foley, Thomas Menz, Adam Wagner, Uri Zacharov, Adan, Melissa Rieth, Rammusser, Kyle Rhoades, Derik McCausland, Ian Slatas, VikingRobotNinja, Brian Reedy, Siân-Max-Natalia, Chris Rangel, Ida Leter, Tyler Nichols, Andrew Persoon, David "Mesp" Loewen, Stephens, LizzyTheFloyd, Britt Craig, Alex Negrepontis, R3alityRject NA, Gatwick 387's, Mr. Dimmer, Haven Mashups, Patrick Herendeen

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