Lords Mobile low might rally lead burning 1 bilion might online T5 players on first hit!

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Hello gamers! Have fun with me watching Lords Mobile gameplay. Follow my solo trap progress from caping full t5 hits with 70m might and growing in to 170m beast trap account on the way to become 350m rally trap and at the end low might rally lead.

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Enutroph gaming channel will present to you lords mobile content with focus on f2p solo trap with progress to p2p solo trap and becoming a rally trap. From beginner tutorial on how to build a solo trap under 100m might and above, what gear to use in lords mobile, which jewels in lords mobile are the best to more advance things like showing you tips and tricks on how to cap and deffend against t5 attacks and building under 200m rally trap account.

My videos are meant to be helpfull for lords mobile players and mainly for you to have fun watching solo trap taking huge GB t5 attacks and solo trap taking rally. From little rally leads to big titan players trying to burn solo trap in lords mobile. I will also show you low might rally trap caping.

When I started this channel my solo trap was f2p build under 100m might but when defending against t5 troops and taking a rally, also considering lords mobile game has many p2p features, like p2p familiars, 11k heroes and p2p heroes with full mythic gear, we call them titans or titan player.

For every solo trap but not only solo trap, generally in lords mobile game research is crucial thing in your account. You should always focus on your research which i will be showing in my videos. Having a good troop composition is important too. We all try to have unbeatable troop composition and become deadly solo or rally trap. For a solo trap to be able to deffend stats are important. Your stats you can improve by puting a good gear with best jewels. It is important to know how to get jewels in lords mobile and what jewels to use in lords mobile. Jewels not only will improve your stats defending but will greatly help you attacking. For that you should use best heroes in lords mobile.

As f2p solo trap your best friend in lords mobile will be gems and best way to get them. Best way to get gems in lords mobile is by using your treasure trove. When you create new solo trap you should start saving your gems for troop composition rebuilt. There are many troop composition builds in lords mobile. Trying to have things updated and solo trap lords mobile 2020 will have probably two most popular builds. t2 solo trap build and t3 solo trap build. In order to cap t5 troops you will need also help of familiars. Familiar skills can be unlocked f2p and used on your wall along with lords mobile heroes.

I will show you lords mobile solo trap account overview with troop composition and tutorial how to build solo trap. Gear check with advise what jewels to use. We will go through research tree, what military research to do. I will try to show you f2p solo trap as well as p2p lords mobile gameplay.

Mainly in all my videos we will try to have fun together playing lords mobile game. Improving f2p solo trap and upgrading it to p2p rally trap. Maybe in future i can also create baby solo trap but for now i will stick with showing you solo trap troop composition and how to deffend and cap t5 attacks.

Of course all lords mobile events like kvk will be documented. There is always a lot of fun and plenty of action and kills during kvk event. It is my favourite and best event lords mobile has. So lets hope that for each of us every kingdom versus kingdom clash will be good.

Stay tuned for solo trap and rally trap action!

Check also my friend iZiGeemeezz for more Lords Mobile gameplay :)
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