Let me show you... Dungeon Keeper (PC)

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Hello everyone, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to a "Let me show " video! Today I'll show you the legendary Dungeon Keeper released in 1997 on PC and available on Origin and, in the "Gold" version, on GoG (which is the one I'm playing).

"It's good to be bad" - that was Dungeon Keeper's tagline: a game in which you are the "bad guy" for a change, who doesn't shy off from resorting to mean traps and cruel torture to get things done.
A masterpiece that counts an official sequel and several clones, you have to see it yourself.

The series is essentially made of one-shot gameplay / let's play videos were I'll show you a game as briefly as possibile, like the first few levels, the first fights and so on, to give you a general idea pf what it's like. These videos are meant to be stand-alone projects or "pilots" for a longer series - just let me know if you'd like to see more!

If you like this video and this game let me know, if you show enough interest I'll be happy to make it a regular series! I'm prety sure the comment section and the Like button are there just for


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