Konami International Rally Racing (May 7 1999 Prototype) [PS1-Unreleased] {1080p 60fps}

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I wanted to start featuring some more obscure videogames, so what better than a prototype game that was never finished or released! Konami International Rally Racing personally looks like it could have competed well with the likes of V-Rally 2 and Colin McCrae Rally , the cars available feel good to drive and aren't over-exaggeratedly slidey like a lot of rally games, the stages shown look nice and detailed, and the soundtrack is pretty good too! Who knows what this game could have became if it were allowed to continue!

This prototype was released as part of Hidden Palace's Project Deluge:

0:00 Demo 1
1:51 Menus, Car & Stage selection
2:13 Race 1 - Toyota Corolla WRC - Finland
4:14 Replay
6:18 Demo 2
7:46 Demo 3

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V Rally 4
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