iOS 14.5 Update | 10+ NEW FEATURES iPhone மற்றும் iPad -ற்கு வந்துள்ளது

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Apple released iOS , iPadOS , WatchOS, tvOS and macOS Updates. 10+ New Features that are coming to your iPhone and iPad. Unlocking iPhone using Apple Watch, Anti-Tracking and more shared in this Episode.


2:06 - Unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch
3:57 - Anti-Tracking Feature
5:38 - Battery Recalibration Feature
6:53 - Dual 5G SIM Enabled
7:16 - Answer Calls using SIRI
8:44 - Facebook Group Calling using SIRI
9:17 - New SIRI Voices Added
9:40 - Change Default Music Player using SIRI
10:09 - Share Lyrics via Messaging Apps
10:34 - Clips App gets AR features
11:05 - misc features and macOS Security Update
12:26 - Overnight Battery Performance with iPad Pro and Apple Watch

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