Hunt: Showdown | Unexpected Amazing Game | Full-Match

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This match was super exciting, lots of tension and different fights in many different compounds. I hope you guys enjoy this one!

Starting Loadout:
Nagant Deadeye (Legendary Rattlesnake)
Dual Silenced Nagants (Legendary Mosquito)

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0:00 Intro
3:51 First Fight
7:25 Kill: Sneaky Wagon Feet
8:08 Kill: Double RattleSnek Tap
12:24 Second Fight
14:28 Kill: Peeking Head Bap
20:05 Loadout Change
23:50 Second Fight
26:23 Kill: Bodyguard vibez
33:33 Third Fight
36:11 Kill: Sneaky Wagon Part 2
36:37 Slo-Mo Post-Game Summary
38:45 Outro Remix

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Thanks guys, take care!
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