HP Reverb G2 VR Settings also with AMS 2

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PC Specs:
CPU: I7 7820X overclocked from Ghz to
GPU: 2080 Ti OC factory
32 Gbs Ram 2600 Mhz
fpsVR Performance:
CPU Usage Avg: 35%

***Note: To maintain smooth frame rate even if FPS drops you need 75 fps or more to not have any stutters***

Choice 1 (Favorite) This 1st one is the Best Pick for all Tracks!
Nighttime and Thunderstorm best settings
Steam VR SS: 50 % 2244 x 2188 MSAA Low: 90 FPS locked Day/Night (still looks good close up, 5-7 cars ahead. Distance is pretty clean.) Thunderstorm dips to 70 fps with some mini stutters at congestions, but average fps at Silverstone.

Steam VR SS: 50% 2244 x 2188 MSAA High: 80 FPS Avg Dips to 71 Day/Night (looks the most natural close up and at distances. Very sharp looking 10 cars ahead, plus sunset and surrounding long-distance were cleaner looking than MSAA: Med. Thunderstorm dips to 51 fps with some stutters at congestions, but average fps at Silverstone.
MSAA: Med /High
Reflections: Med
Environment Map: High (Cleans up the reflective edges at night on the car wings and corners) With med they are distracting
Track detail: low
Pit: all
Shadow: low
Enhanced mirror: off
Render frames ahead: 4
Detailed Grass: off
Particle Level: High
Particle Density: Med

Other Choices Silverstone Only MSAA: Low

Steam VR SS: 60 % 2456 x 2400 MSAA: Low = avg FPS. night dips to 69 sometimes night only. Smooth as 50% but grandstands and distance look a little less clean than 76% give you. Best for day-night time racing Works well enough for Rain. Some Frame drops in the rain not bad though.

((Steam VR SS: 63 % 2520 x 2456= 84 avg FPS. Very smooth daylight & night like 50% and more consistent than 65% SS for frame drops. They hardly exist!))

((Steam VR SS: 65 % 2560 x 2496= FPS. Very smooth daylight & night like 50% is w/ no frame drops at night or day and grandstands look passable and stutter-free, but distance looks blurry at 10 car lengths ahead.))

((Steam VR SS: 68 % 2616 x 2552= 84 avg FPS. Mostly smooth daylight & night like 63% SS w/ occasional frame drops at dusk to 66 fps. Grandstands look clean, but distance looks a little blurry still))

((Steam VR SS: 70 % 2656 x 2592= avg FPS. Very smooth daylight-like 63% is w/ frame drops at night & out of pits during daylight, but grandstands and distance looks little less clean than 76% gives you.))

((Steam VR SS: 76 % 2768 x 2700 MSAA: Low =79 avg FPS. Not as smooth as 50% w/ frame drops at night, but grandstands and distance look clean and very good. (great for daytime racing only)
Rain expects dips to 65 fps and an average of 76 fps. Get slight Frame stutters not as smooth as 65 % SS. Looks the best with performance in mind)) Definitely would be the choice for RTX 3090

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