House Committee FINALLY Subpoenas ‘Stop The Steal’ Rally Organizer

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The House Select Committee investigating the capitol riots has finally decided to issue a subpoena to one of the lead organizers of the "Stop The Steal" rally, Ali Alexander. This really should have been the first subpoena that the committee sent out, as everything started with that rally. But better late than never, and maybe we'll finally get some answers about who Alexander was working with inside the House. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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The house select committee investigating the events of January 6th has finally issued the subpoena that I have been asking them to issue since the committee was formed and that is Ali Alexander, the lead organizer of the stop the steal rally that took place on January 6th, prior to the Capitol riot, because Alexander, as the organizer of this rally, the rally that became the precursor to the riot, he's kind of at the center of all of this. So why in God's name did you wait so long to issue him the subpoena? How did Steve Bannon get subpoenaed before Ali Alexander? Right. How did Dan Scavino, who was running Trump's social media at the white house, how did he get subpoenaed before Ali Alexander? That makes no sense. If you want to find out what actually happened that day and what advanced warnings these individuals may have had Alexander is the key to that.

And here's why. In a video that he has since deleted, Alexander actually bragged about scheming with multiple Republican members of Congress, to try to decertify or to not certify, I guess it would be, the results of the 2020 election. Here it is. This is what he said in the video, according to the Washington Post. We four schemed up of putting maximum pressure on Congress while they were voting, said the plan was to quote, change the hearts and the minds of Republicans who were in that body, hearing our loud roar from outside. And the Republicans he brags about scheming with because scheme is the word he used here, according to Washington Post, was Mo Brooks, who as we all know, showed up at Alexander's stop the steal rally wearing a bulletproof vest. You had Andy Biggs from Arizona. Paul Gosar, of course.

And so those are the three, Alexander would be the fourth. Why did it take so long? Again, that drives me crazy. This should have been the first subpoena that you sent out, especially if you had done it alphabetically, it still would have been the first subpoena that you sent out. This kid has the answers. He knows what's going on. In fact, there's actually a wonderful video that was put together by a great friend of ours, Greg Palast and Zach Roberts contributed to the cinematography on it and Zach's an inteligent highly, you know, just wonderful photographer and videographer. But anyway, they've put out a wonderful video highlighting all of the insanity of Alexander, not just with the Capitol riot, including a clip though, by the way, where he does say we're going to burn the to the ground.

But he was working with the Republican party, the official Republican party in the state of Georgia, according to this Palast video they've put out. You know, they've got everything, they've got everything. They've got the mailers that have Alexander's face on it. They've got him with the Republican party. He's out there doing events with Alex Jones. And this was all prior to that stop the steal rally. That's when he said, we're going to burn this to the ground. Yeah. This really should have been the first subpoena you sent out because I imagine Alexander has a lot of squealing to do and that squealing might be incredibly relevant to the work that this committee is trying to do.
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