Gran Turismo 4 | Group B Tarmac Rally Showdown | 4K60 Gameplay

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Thank you for watching. Information regarding settings and PC specs are down below.

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**do not use this video as an accurate representation to how this game usually performs on PCSX2. This is for entertainment purposes only.**

EMULATOR: PCSX2 (settings not listed are default)
Emulator settings:
EE/IOP - Clamping Mode: Full
VUs - Clamping Mode: Extra + Preserve Sign
GS Window - Zoom:

Video Plugin Settings:
Renderer: OpenGL (hardware)
Interlacing: Bob tff
Texture Filtering: Bilinear (PS2)
Allow 8 Bit Textures: Enable
Internal Resolution: 6x/8x Native
Anisotropic Filtering: 16x
Blending Accuracy: High/Full
Align Sprite: Enabled
Enable HW Hacks: Enabled: Texture Offsets: x385 y187

Racing wheel: Logitech G29 with USBqemu-wheel plugin to run on PCSX2

Playlist of my PCSX2 settings and tutorials:

Playlist of my Let's Play series:

Do not reuse, reupload, or redistribute any footage from this channel. These videos take time and resources to make. All unauthorized use of my footage can and will be subject to copyright takedown.
V Rally 4
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