Gran Turismo 2 - Playthrough Part 33 - All Rally Tracks (Second Opponent)

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Gran Turismo 7 is expected to come out at some point in 2022 for PS5, so I want to try to do a full playthrough of all the previous Gran Turismo games until then. Here you can see me beating the second opponent on every rally track in the simulation mode of Gran Turismo 2.

0:53 Smokey Mountain South vs Lancia Delta with Toyota Celica Rally Car
3:30 Smokey Mountain North vs Renault Megane
6:03 Tahiti Dirt Route 3 vs Lancia Stratos
8:51 Tahiti Maze vs Peugeot 206 Rally Car
12:05 Green Forest Roadway vs Ford Escort Rally Car
14:55 Pikes Peak Downhill vs Lancia Stratos
18:11 Smokey Mountain North Reverse vs Toyota Celica
20:48 Tahiti Dirt Route 3 Reverse vs Subaru Impreza
23:15 Buying a Pikes Peak Hill Climb monster
24:51 Pikes Peak Hill Climb vs Suzuki Cultus Pikes Peak with Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak
27:47 Game Completion Status

Gran Turismo has always been one of my favorite racing game franchises and I played the first 3 games of the series when they first came out. After that I moved to PC though, so I never got to play GT 4-6. Before GT7 I want to try to revisit GT 1-3 and also play through GT 4-6 for the first time. I am not sure if I will manage to get all of it done but I will see how far I can get.

Gran Turismo 2 was the first GT game to feature rally racing. There are 9 different tracks (6 unique layouts and 3 reverse versions) and for each track you can challenge 3 different ghost cars to a time trial.

For the second run on most tracks I am using the Toyota Celica Rally Car prototype, which is a bit more powerful than the Impreza from the previous video. However, in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb we are already facing one of the Suzuki Pikes Peak cars, so I had to buy one as well and I went with the iconic Escudo, which might be the strongest car in the game.

In the next GT2 video I will challenge the third and final opponent for each track.
V Rally 4
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