Game & Watch: How we dumped the firmware & community-updates

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In this video we first take a look at what the Game & Watch community has been up to, before then diving deep into how the original firmware was dumped!


Flash chip: MX25U12835F

00:36 Hardware Community Update
02:28 Software Community Hardware
04:20 How we dumped the firmware

- Konrad Beckmann on Twitter:
- Konrad Beckmann on YouTube:
- Upcycle-Electronic's repository
- Daniel Padilla's X-Rays:
- Daniel Cuthbert's X-Rays:
- Datasheets:
- Back-cover: :4681663
- Mathis (PCB designer):
- Cyanic's Patch:
- Tim's YouTube channel:
- Chaos Computer Club's rC3:
- A novice guide to hacking the Game & Watch:
- Me on Twitter:
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