Galaxy Racers Owais Reply on Zombies Disqualification????| PMPL Arabia Season 1 Overall Standings We

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So In this Video We are going to talk about PMPL Arabia Regular season 1 League Stages Week 3 Day 1 Shocking Overall standings.

Also in this video we are going to talk about galaxy Racers Owais reply on Zombies esports ban and roast them ?

galaxy racer player Ultron, coach Aurum and caster reply on Zombies esports disqualification.

PMPL Arabia Season 1 Shocking Overall standings.

Top 16 teams from League stage will qualify for Finals. Here are Top 20 teams who will play league stages

Group A

1. RTG Esports
2. Galaxy Racers

3. The Snipers
4. Flare Loyal Team

Group B

1. Yalla Esports
3. Hotline Esports
4. Scytes

Group C

1. Gunz Esports
2. Nasr Esports
3. iKurd Esports
4. Fanatic Zombies

Group D

1. Fate Esports
2. Zombies Esports
3. Real Tiger9
4. Falcons Esports

Group E

1. Arab GSG
2. Rico Infinity Team
3. Alpha Legends
4. Sudor Esports

Out of these 20 teams we will get the top 16 teams who will go tho PMPL Arabia Finals.

PMPL  Arabia Season 1 Overall Standings Week 3 Day 1 After match 5. W3D1.

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So in this Video We are going to talk about PMPL Arabia  Season 1 or Pubg Mobile Pro League season 1 Arabia 2021 finals Shocking  Overall Standings.

Over all standings or point table day 1 pmpl arabia season 1 week 3 Leauge stages.

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PUBG Mobile Pro League Arabia is back with Season 1.

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In this video we are going to talk about Zombies Esports Disqualified from PMPL Arabia 2021 season 1. After Investigating Officials finds one of the Zombies player BREAK caught hacking and Official's Disqualify team Zombies from the event and tournament amd banned player break from the competitive tournamments.



The player BREAK from Zombies Esports has been caught hacking.
The team has been disqualified from the event. Other players from the team are being reviewed for cheating.

PMPL Arabia Season 1 2021 Where other players are reporting team Zombies Esports and saying Zombies Esports players Are using hacks and esp in tournaments, Is Zombies Esports exposed or Zombies esports are hackers ?

Especially Zombies esports player Saleh is Targeted by few pro players that he is using hacks during pmpl games.

Yesterday Galaxy racer player ultron reacted on this matter and He said same as his coach said that wait for officials also many people were trolling team for using hacks in his live.

Also I have the same thoughts as aurum_pubg have we need to wait for official call. Beacuse every coin have two faces and we need to under stand the both side pf the story.


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