Fortnite dad #Dad top camper

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CAPTAIN JOKAZ is an upcoming Youtube gamer with amazing content. He creates compilations,montage,and makes story lines to his game play. In this compilations he gathers the best gaming clips of the day,week,month, and combines it into an an awesome video filled with epic stunts,trick shots. He also does DRIFT videos and other extreme sports such as racing,rally racing,bmx,motocross,off-road vehicles, Baja truck race,motorcycles,tantrum drifting,drag race,super trucks,street circuit,mud trucks. He also plays call of duty black ops,Call of duty black ops 2, GTA5,grand theft auto 5, and of course old school classic video games,and counsels such as nintendo 64 and many also creates animation cartoons named CAPTAIN JOKAZ,--Car meets on gta 5, real life roleplaying gta 5,gta 5 tandem drifting,tandem drifting on Tokyo,Japan mountain mount Fugi,old school Tokyo drifting, car meet in Phoenix,Arizona, gta 5 Africa, Swedish gta 5,Australia gta 5, GTA ,South west car meet gta5,real life
V Rally 4
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