Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 1987 | Germany SETUPS | DiRT Rally

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So for the first time during my 2 year long setups campaign I will be running with an interior view, 900 degree steering, H-pattern shifter + clutch whilst teaching myself to heel toe.
Naturally, all driving assists are turned off and my new FFB settings are shared below.
So expect the odd bump hear and there as I temporarily forget I've got more steering lock to play with.
Sadly due to an issue with the Logitech pedal potentiometers the chase cam replay recordings were inadvertently recorded at 105% speed and were out of sync so they have not be included in the stage footage.

Intro 00:00
Stage run - Hood [Morning - Clear - DRY] 0:15
DRY setup 3:21
WET setup 4:41
Stage run - Hood [Morning - Rain - WET] 6:01
Supporters 9:10

Wheel settings used

900 degrees
soft lock on

Self Alignment 50%
Wheel Friction 40%
Tyre Friction 70%
Suspension 85%
Tyre Slip 4%
Collision 85%
Soft Lock 50%
Steering Centre Force 0%

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