FLOW "Concert for Puppets": Magasin du Café creates the audience for a concert in 2021 springtime

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"With this video we did not want to make only controversy about the Covid period, even if the reference to the difficulties we are experiencing is clear, but above all to raise awareness of the need for communication of us artists. Today more than ever it is important to reach your audience by telling them our stories, telling them who we really are, beyond the music we create. "

To remember the great concerts in the square, the Magasin du Café recreated their audience far from the city. The video is a hymn to "letting go", a reference to the sensations of childhood discovery, typical emotions of that age that are important to recover even in adulthood.
Hence the concept of “FLOW”, the song proposed to act as a soundtrack for this artistic installation created by the band and collaborators in the midst of nature, in the beautiful hills of the Langhe, self-building its own audience… with scarecrows!
“The song also contains the original audience voices recorded over a year ago in the theater. A ghost presence that we hope will return as soon as possible to physically manifest itself with all its strength and passion. People need culture, art and beauty and we need to pass on our contribution to the cause. "

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Original Music by Magasin du Café.
Video by Clod Salis

Magasin du Café (MdC)
- Denny Bertone: Electric Guitar
- Davide Borra: Accordion
- Mattia Floris: Acoustic Guitar, Voice Effects
- Alberto Santoru: Electric Double Bass / DrumKick, Percussions & Efx

Web Info & Contact:
E-mail: magasinducafe@

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