F&J Winter Rally Series - Round 1 - Tall Pines Rally

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In a FWD car for a change. Not much prep and worked last night. Sounds like a recipe for a juicy runki.


I've reached a commercial agreement with RSH E-Sport Company and they've supplied me with a Hamrock Hades rig.

As a part of our commercial agreement, I got the rig with a smaller than normal payment, and the true price for my rig is determined by how much sales I can bring to the company. There's two ways you can help me with this:

1. Use the code "Janne" for purchases over 300€ on RSH E-Sport Company site (), and get headset holder for your rig and a RSH can cooler on top of your order.

2. Buy a gift card (prices range from 10€ to 1000€) from RSH E-Sport Company site () and address it to rallaajanne@

Helping with the means mentioned above is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY. Helpers of any kind won't get any other sort of special treatment. This is to remove any pressure of helping from you guys. The reason why I don't accept any other sort of monetary help/support is because the Finnish legislation around the topic is strict as fuck and I don't want to get into trouble.

I repeat, helping with the ways mentioned above is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY, (but greatly appreciated).

These adverts will be visible in my content in the future, as this was the only way for me to get a rig during 2020.

Thank you guys for your incredible support already during these very fucking difficult times for me.

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My Equipment:
RSH E-Sport Company Hamrock Hades rig
Fanatec CSW
Fanatec Universal Hub fitted with Momo Mod 78 320mm leather rim
Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V3
Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ
Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake
BBJ Simracing Baby Pro 18 function button box

Sparco Arrow EVO gloves
Reinot as my temporary driving shoes

BenQ XR3501 35" 144hz 21:9 Ultrawide screen
Some prebuilt computer that I don't know shit about so don't ask, it gets the job done.
V Rally 4
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