[Ep 9] Borderlands 2 - You Shot Then I Fart, and You're To Blame

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(!rule1/!advertising) *Do not advertise in the chat, it might result in a temporary ban on a first offense
(!rule2/!mod) *Do not ask to be a mod.
(!rule3/!caps) *Do not abuse the caps lock
(!rule4/!political/!religion) *Try to keep political and religious talk to a bare minimum. If it gets too much, we'll tell you to stop.
(!rule5/!cussing) *Cussing is allowed but lets try to keep it mature. Don't cuss for the sake of cussing and if anyone asks to stop, please be courteous.
(!rule6/!respect) *Be respectful. Do not insult one another unless you're just playing around. We will be the judge of that
(!rule7/!issues) *If you have a problem with another viewer, or with something we're doing, instead of blowing up, please ask the person to politely stop. We're not in the business of telling you if your feeling of being uncomfortable is justified or not, we strive to make sure everyone feels welcome. We will accommodate you as best as we can with our content and - edgy as it is.
(!rule8/!spam) *Do not spam or use excessive emojis

*Do not post links
*We will read everyone's chat post. Please have patience.
Borderlands 2
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