[Diablo 3] How to Solo Level Fast | 1-70 [Seasonal] Leveling Guide

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Do you want to know the best and fastest way you can level in Diablo 3? This is a step by step guide that explains


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-Video Chapters-
00:00 - Intro
01:20 - Disclaimer
01:40 - Challenge Rifts
02:20 - Followers and Kanai's Cube
02:55 - Craft a Lvl 70 Weapon
04:30 - Upgrade item to Legendary
05:05 - Extract Legendary Power
06:26 - Gamble with Kadala
07:06 - Leoric's Crown
08:24 - Act 1 Fun
09:05 - Vendor Rings and Amulet
09:42 - Gems
10:16 - Rifts
10:50 - Re-roll stats at the Mystic
12:44 - Tips
13:56 - Push to level 70
14:30 - Other ways to Level Fast

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