Construction Begins on New Wider High Bay | SpaceX Boca Chica

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SpaceX is constructing a new, wider High Bay to dramatically increase Starship & Super Heavy production and assembly cadence ahead of regular orbital missions. Meanwhile, work on the Catch Arms and Quick Disconnect Arm continues.

Video & Photos from Mary (@BocaChicaGal) and the NSF Robotic Camera Team. Edited by Aaron Huslage (@huslage)

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0:00 Sunrise
01:30 Moving Ship 21’s Dome Section off of the Sleeving Stand
01:54 Small GSE Tank Stacked
02:25 Ships 15 and 16 Watching Over Production
02:55 Breaking up the Concrete North of the High Bay
03:40 Mystery Stand Structure Awaiting its Purpose
04:10 Additional Parts Installed Inside of a Ring Stack
05:40 Booster Test Stand
06:05 Construction of a New Stand (New Booster Stand?)
06:30 The Orbital Launch Site
07:00 Work Continues on the Orbital Launch Mount
07:30 Quick Disconnect Arm Being Strengthened
08:30 Line Boring a Quick Disconnect Arm Hinge
09:05 Ship 20 on Suborbital Pad B
09:35 Ship 20 has many Markers on the Heat Shield
10:01 Work Continues on the Catch Arms
11:01 Liebherr LR 11000 Moving to GSE Tanks
11:31 The Orbital Launch Mount
12:02 Work Continues on the Integration Tower
14:25 Equipment Installed at the Orbital Tank Farm
14:53 Transport Stand being Relocated
15:23 Raptor RB24 Delivered
15:52 Work Continues on Small GSE Tank
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