Can You Beat Borderlands 2 as Captain Blade?

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Is it possible to beat Borderlands 2 as Captain Blade? What if we tried it on OP10? What if we didn't allow off handing the Orphan Maker? Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Borderlands the Pre-sequel, and Borderlands 3 all have guns that can get pretty wacky, but wacky doesn't always mean good. In this challenge run, we try to beat the game as one of the most feared pirates on pandora.

Want to see me try this challenge with a different gun? Comment below on what gun, grenade, or even shield I should try next!
Any gun in any game (Borderlands 1, Borderlands 2, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, Borderlands 3, and hopefully Wonderlands!)

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Captain Blade was the most feared pirate on Pandora long long ago. through treasure hunting missions we can find the gear he used to become so infamous. Today we ask ourselves.
Can you beat Borderlands 2 as captain Blade?
Obviously, captain blade isn’t a playable character in borderlands 2, but his gear scattered throughout the Pirate DLC can make us pretty close to the real thing. All these items are cursed and provide a negative effect on us. The rapier makes getting punched hurt more, the Orphan Maker hurts to shoot, the manly man shield makes elemental damage hurt more, the Otto Idle makes the fight for your life shorter, and the Midnight star ejects child grenades toward the player.
They do have benefits but some aren’t that helpful. The rapier is the best melee weapon in the game but since we're on OP10 melee isn’t really viable especially on a gunzerker. The manly man shield adds a 40% explosive damage bonus to melee attacks but it’s also quite useless. The otto idle returns health upon kill but it's only like 8 percent and if the orphan maker is our main source of damage, it pretty much cancels it out. The orphan maker's damage output is pretty good, so we have that going for us. And the midnight star has uhhhh wait what does it have (typing noises) increased damage and reduce child grenade count, huh. We’re also gonna use a legendary hoarder class mod to keep on theme with pirate stuff and it helps us gunzerk more so all curses can be active at once. Real quick on the rules, Geared OP10 challenges are my style so that’s how we're gonna go about it. All skills are allowed (with discretion as to not avoid the challenge) No bar, and lastly, no left handing the orphan maker. The reason for that last rule is because the self-damage doesn’t trigger when left-handing which would defeat the purpose of the run and momma ain’t raise no game exploiting POYO. Ok on to the run first thing I did was choose my skills, chose asbestos to counteract the manly man shield and because of the cool gasmask icon, fist full of hurt, and double your fun. The rest of my build is pretty trash, I Really regret not picking up No Kill Like Overkill. Most of the beginning of the run was spent learning how to not die. And how to properly go about fights. It was immediately apparent that my FFYL time was short and the 9 percent slag chance is absolutely infuriating. Also, I literally never played the gunzerker on PC so I had to get used to a lot of dumb shit, like the inconceivable glitch where your guns don’t auto-reload when they’re empty, I really hate that one! And most importantly I had to learn the shot pattern of the OM, usually, this gun is pretty good but the Jacobs stock makes the accuracy recovery extremely low. 7 brutal and quick deaths in I realized I forgot to turn my BAR off, so we had to restart. luckily, I caught it early, ide needs a straitjacket if that happened halfway through. This time around I decided to try to use some grenades and well, that didn’t go great. I also tested how much self-damage the OM does USUALLY borderlands gameplay goes, I shoot them, and they die” but this time around it went “I shoot them and we die” so if I don’t have any shield I’m practically not allowed to shoot my gun, I didn’t fully learn this lesson until deep into this run though. Making my way to boom boom I tried the Midnight Star again and just like before it was actually worthless. To add to the challenge, I decided that the grenade mod wasn’t allowed to come off, so grenade jumps were out of the question. Boom boom was ready to blow, and I was ready to go, sike I got pooped on. Boom as always gave me trouble before I got lucky and took em out.
Borderlands 2
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