????BREAKING: Washington to Release QB Alex Smith "SOON"! How Much Money We Save! Cap Space! & More!

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Welcome to Street Scores! It's your boy Rico giving y'all some more heat! DAILY NEWS! Very important topics! JUST IN! Here, I give ya'll all of the background information, speculations, professional insights and opinions, critical analysis, and everything else concerning all of rumors surrounding Washington Football team's expected release of Quarterback Alex Smith!


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Today's Topics:
1. Ron Rivera & the Washington Football Team will cut QB Alex Smith tonight, tomorrow, or by the end of the week, according to multiple reports! How Rivera is handling this situation with class even after the GQ interview drama!
2. Ron Rivera is back in town! Expect a lot of moves, rumors, & speculations to start flying! We are officially in free agency season! + Why Rivera will be far more aggressive in team building with WFT than he ever was with the Panthers!
3. Remembering Alex Smith! Why we should celebrate & remember Alex Smith's impact on Washington since 2018 season! Leadership! Stability! Player Development! Something to Believe in & Play for! Win percentage of QBs last 50 years!
4. Trade review! How both the Chiefs & Washington won the Alex Smith for Kendall Fuller & 3rd Round Pick trade from 2018!
5. How much money does Washington Football Team save from releasing QB Alex Smith before March 17 free agency? Does WFT now have top 4 cap space? Where will we spend the extra money?
6. Which Quarterbacks are STILL on roster? Washington has a BIG NEED at Quarterback! Solutions in Draft, Free agency & Trades!

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