Borderlands 2, 2 Player CoOp Speedrun PB 1:55:53 w/ Parrot92

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First thing I am soo sorry about the coughing fit I had throughout the run. It came around out of no where. Also, I know the audio is low and will be fixed in upcoming videos! The timer was set to "Sum of Best" so that is why you see a lot of red. I should have that fixed if I do another one of these runs. Please do enjoy the video.

This run was recorded and streamed so you will hear us just talking about random things at times. I appreciate you all!

In this run my friend and I had not played in about 2-3 weeks leading to this. So this was a lot of fun and motivation to do better. We will be learning newer strats to get closer to the Top 10 spots but for now Top 20 is nice.

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