BNK-3R DROPS! -Stream Highlight- | Borderlands 2

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This is a compilation of me getting loot from BNK-3R (Bunker) in my stream!

Keep in mind all these items were found in less than 30 that’s not too common!

But most importantly I got a Kindle from Bunker!
(The Tediore Incendiary Weisenheimer)

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BNK-3R Loot Pool: (in case you want to know)
-“Fatale” (b*tch)
-6 Heads-
-6 Skins-

0:00 - Sham
0:29 - “Fatale” (b*tch)
0:57 - (Little Reminder)
1:17 - Shredifier
1:34 - KerBlaster
1:46 - Kindle
Borderlands 2
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