Another 1v1 vid (trash talker) caineprism Luke gabriel mypark

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I am a runner and a track star but I can shoot so good so dont get bored I am a power forward shooting and defensive player????????????????????????????????????????????????


Tryout Rules
rules for tryouts.
Score 14 Points - Rookie
Score 16 Points - Elite
Score 18 Points - AllTime
To tryout you have to 1v1 a verified Recruiter
Example: No Spamming, No Running ( Show what you can do with your skills even if you dont score 18 to be allstar bc your showing what you can do you still have a chance to be ranked a allstar )
and this is from now on for the @Recruiter
and at least if you run be good at passing shooting and defense no shooting spams

The owners of the clan is lazarianSPS and my brother FEDSPS dont forgot to subscribe

#1 No disrespecting higher ranks
#2 No being racist or being sus like that's wierd ;-;
#4 dont do NFS in chat bc its weird like we dont sell period
#YES read the rules
#5 if u wanna listen to music dont hog it lol
#6 do bot commands at bot cmds text channel
#7 no sending weird stuff in chat rule
V Rally 4
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