ALL STAR FES UR Kasumi, UR Eli, UR Kanan, SR Riko & Setsuna Scout - Love Live SIF All Stars JP

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Limited time gacha "#スクスタフェス "In session
The additional members are ... 5 people!
UR: μ's #絢瀬絵里 Smiles, Eternities, Elichika☆ / Sensational Diva
UR: Aqours #松浦果南 It's a good day to relax / Loyal Knight
UR: Nijigaku #中須かすみ Which do I choose~ / Kasumin☆Utopia
SR: Aqours #桜内梨子 Thanks for joining my family / Mitaiken HORIZON
SR: Nijigaku #優木せつ菜 I-I've gotta hide this manga! / LIKE IT!LOVE IT!
Until 1/14 (Thursday) 14:59 ❣

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